Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Whonnock Notes

Two new Whonnock Notes will be available at Sue's starting some time next week. They are sold at practically the printing cost.

No. 22 – "In Memory of Those Who Fell" is about the 10 men whose names are remembered on the 1921 plaque now at Whonnock Lake Centre. Picture above. Join us there on 11 November at 10:30 am .

No. 23 – "Letters From Mahonia Ranche 1888–1895." The Kirby siblings only moved to Whonnock in 1911. The letters tell us about the pleasures and hardship of pioneer life in South Langley.

Click on the titles to open and download free digital versions of these Whonnock Notes!
Go here to find digital versions of all Whonnock Notes published since 1996.

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