Monday, August 10, 2009

Dowco leaving Whonnock

The Dowco office building at the corner 272nd and 100th shows a "For Sale" sign. Ewen Dobbie, president of Dowco Consultants Ltd. kindly sent us the following note to explain why Dowco is leaving Whonnock.
As you may recall, we have three offices in the lower mainland. With the new Golden Ears Bridge opening it now make sense for us to consolidate our offices. To this end, we have transferred most of the Whonnock office staff to our Surrey/Langley office. A few staff have decided to relocate back to the Burnaby office.
The building is for sale, but we will still be permitting the free use of the gymnasium
Dowco has been a wonderful corporate neighbour and volunteer right from the moment they opened their Whonnock office in the old school building. Making the gymnasium in their building available to the community is one example. Less known is that they hosted the Whonnock & Ruskin Website at no cost to us for many years and made sure that successors continued that courtesy.