Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tom Brent: Volunteer of the Year 2013

This Sunday, April 6th at the annual dinner of the Association the Whonnock Community Association announced that their choice for last year's special volunteer is Tom Brent of RCKC.
He was awarded with the usual  plaque and a potted orchid. For more photos of the dinner click here.

Volunteers distinguished in the past with this award were: Trevor Taylor (2005) Margaret Norman (2006), Sue Schulze (2007), Yukiko Tanaka (2008), Rick Hammer (2008), Jean Ruttan (2009), Melanie Snel (2010), Scott Henney (2011), Marie Slessor (2011), and Betty and Klaus von Hardenberg (2012).
Active members of the board of the WCA and committee members are not considered candidates for this award.