Friday, February 14, 2014

Our post office ... a shack in the middle of nowhere

Following sent to MR Times in response to two letters by disgruntled Albion residents, Kevin Jones and Miranda Barker, in the Times of 11 February 2014  "Whole day lost to pick up parcels.” and 13 February  2014  "Post office joke."
We in Whonnock are very proud of our post office and of our postmaster, Sue Schulze, who provides the best postal services anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Sue goes out of her way to help people. Rather than weeping crocodile tears Kevin Jones should have called the Whonnock post office (604 462 8571) and he would have learned that Sue hands out parcels on Saturdays to people who, like him, can’t go to the post office during the official hours. She will also transfer the parcels—or any item, to another postal outlet if asked to do so. 
We are amused about Jones calling our Whonnock post office “a shack in the middle of nowhere.” And even more about him calling the place where he lives “somewhere.” Miranda Barker entertained us by defining our beloved post office as a “dilapidated garden shed.”  We understand that uninformed city slickers might see it like this, and we forgive both Jones and Barker wholeheartedly. We in Whonnock keep that little building in high esteem. Whonnock had a post office years before Vancouver was even planned and the present building, dating to the 1920s, is recognized by the Maple Ridge Community Heritage Commission as a significant heritage building. If Jones and Barker don’t appreciate heritage…too bad.  
Lastly the trials and tribulations of Miranda Barker at the Whonnock post office: Parking on the road shoulder … cars zipping by … u-turn! Horrible! Yes, life away from the shopping mall is rough!  
Meanwhile: Sue at "our" post office has been given mighty support not only many from "us" Whonnockians but also from many residents of Albion who are unhappy that they as from now have to pick up their parcels at in a shopping mall. It all came to a splendid end with a front page article in The Times (click here) and an "Our View" editorial in the same issue (click here)