Friday, May 9, 2008

End Breast Cancer Event (May 31st) A Great Success

A big thanks to everyone from Whonnock who brought their friends and families to our 3rd annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser on Sat. May 31st....we had 600 people come through our gates, and enjoy the only sunny day in a couple of weeks of miserable weather! As well as raising over $18,000 for an incredibly worthwhile cause, everyone had a lot of FUN! Look for us next and time to be announced soon!

This event was in memory of our friend Resi Fulton, a Whonnock lady who died in January of 2007 from Breast cancer, and in honour of all breast cancer survivors. All proceeds go to the Weekend Walk to End Breast Cancer.
Kathy Stubley 462-0890 | Jen Korhonen 462-1058 | Tamara Selvey 462-0707 | Charlene Smolik 462-8270 | Kenda Montgomery 462-7037