Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Basset Hound...Came home after three days

Brew is a 14 year old basset hound who recently suffered a stroke. One of his back legs drag, but if on solid ground he is able to motor along nicely on 3 legs. Yesterday at about 4:00pm he was on a lead in the back yard, basking in the sun. He managed to escape his collar and must have made his way towards Whonnock Lake, off 112th Ave. in Maple Ridge. Many people have searched, hopefully the only plausible explanation for not finding him by now is that someone picked him up, and because he drags a back leg, thought he had been hit by a car and took him home? to a vet? The Maple Ridge SPCA and the Mission pound have alerts posted for him, but so far, nothing ........... anyone with info? We miss him and are afraid for him. 
Update 21 October--After three days on three legs, brew has returned. thanks for everything.

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